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Song of the Day: “Black Hole Sun (Remix)” – Soundgarden & DJ Zebra

If you’ve ever tuned into a modern rock station for more than a minute or two, you’ve probably realized two of many things: 1) Every DJ sounds half-drunk and 2) The stations plays “Black Hole Sun” about once an hour.

I know, I know... the whole 'gun in my mouth' thing was much more popular before Cobain did it.

For those of you on the outside of the inside joke that was the 90’s, Soundgarden (the older grunge brother of Nirvana who could never quite match their success) hit it really big with their 1994 masterpiece Superunknown. Among the handful of rock hits off the album was the mega-single “Black Hole Sun”, which came complete with an fantastically disturbing video.

So, where does this classic rock hit fit in with the young, hip Air Core Yell blog? Well, for starters, Soundgarden is one of my favorite bands, and I stumbled across an awesome remix on Soundcloud, which I had to share with the universe.

The slow-crawling song comes alive with an awesome beat from DJ Zebra (a soon-to-be household name?), and Chris Cornell’s vocals are noticeably more epic. The good news here is that 35-year-old ‘Garden fans can have something for their playlist that will make their unhip girlfriends shake their respective groove things.




About Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a writer and musician from Minneapolis, MN. He currently attends the University of Missouri in Columbia and is pursuing a dual degree in journalism and english.


One thought on “Song of the Day: “Black Hole Sun (Remix)” – Soundgarden & DJ Zebra

  1. WORD!!! I’m a BIG fan of the ‘Garden, but BHS would probably be one of my LEAST favourite songs of theirs. Zebra’s mashup re-invents the song, transforming the pedestrian rock plodder into a swaggering soul-funk anthem. Pure genius…

    Posted by Oli | October 20, 2011, 3:01 pm

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