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Jimmy Fallon is Getting Harder to Hate (With a Little Help From Justin Timberlake)


You know when you severely dislike someone in Hollywood or music, but when you really think about it, you don’t know why? Jimmy Fallon has long been a subject of my distaste, and I went so far as to say that The Roots are basically the only thing that makes his Late Night show watchable in an album review last spring.

I’ve decided to finally drop my war against Fallon. This does not mean that I will actually like his work from here on out, but I’ve decided to stop hating on him. He makes me laugh (sometimes), but there’s something about that smirking face that makes me almost sick. Perhaps the turning point was his semi-recent Neil Young impression. Part of what made it so good was the fact that I—not paying much attention to detail—thought it was actually Neil Young. Imagine my surprise when I actually mistook one of my music idols for a second-rate television comic. Touché, Fallon.


After this slight changing of the tides, I thought about why I disliked Jimmy so much. What it came down to is that he never made me laugh much on Saturday Night Live, and certainly not as much as he made himself laugh onscreen. Fallon was always the stoned-out dude who thought it was cool to laugh in the middle of every sketch. Trust me, as a big-time SNL fan, that got old really fast.

So, years later, Fallon runs a pretty successful late-night show on NBC (which I will probably never watch more than 10 minutes of at a time), and a couple of nights ago, he had Justin Timberlake on to talk about his new movie, “Friends With Benefits”, which seems like a carbon copy of that Ashton Kutcher-Natalie Portman flick “No Strings Attached”, which came out earlier this year. Anyway, the movie is not important. What is important is the skit Timberlake and Fallon decided to pull off: “The History of Rap, Part 2”.

They had already done Part 1 long ago, and the time was apparently ripe for an encore. Though not the best hip-hop medley I’ve ever come across, anything that starts off with Kurtis Blow’s “The Breaks” is good enough for me. Fallon is slowly starting to win me over. I hate it.




About Alex Smith

Alex Smith is a writer and musician from Minneapolis, MN. He currently attends the University of Missouri in Columbia and is pursuing a dual degree in journalism and english.


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